The Benefit of Storms

Your trials may be many and great. Your cross may be very heavy. But the business of your soul is all conducted according to an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things and sure. All things are working together for your good. Your sorrows are only purifying your soul for glory; your bereavements are only fashioning you as a polished stone for the temple above, made without hands. From whatever quarter the storms blow, they only drive you nearer to heaven! Whatever weather you may go through it is only ripening you for the garner of God. Your best things are quite safe.

-J.C. Ryle, Tract: Never Perish

Christ’s Glory Transforms

“A constant view of the glory of Christ will revive our souls and cause our spiritual lives to flourish and thrive. The more we behold the glory of Christ by aith now, the more spiritual and the more heavenly will be the state of our souls. The reason why spiritual life in our soul decays and withers is because we fill our minds with other things….But when the mind is filled with thoughts of Christ and his glory, these things will be expelled…. This is how our spiritual life will be revived.”

-John Owen, The Glory of Christ: Abridged and Made Easy to Read by R. J. K. Law, 167


“The gates of Heaven are broad enough to receive the worst of sinners, but too narrow to admit the smallest grain of unforsaken sin.”

J. C. Ryle, The Christian Race, 131

“Anything that is hurtful to your soul must be laid aside if you would see and live in the glory of Christ as He intends.”

“He’ll take any sinner, but you have to be willing to leave your sin.”

-Rick Holland, Uneclipsing the Son, 137