Are you Young? Then Listen

Such a great post. This is why I believe my pastor is so beneficial to read and even more why we should listen to him and his preaching. His wisdom and skill with scripture is extremely rare.

“John MacArthur is in the midst of penning a series of articles that will address (and encourage and scold) the Young, Restless, Reformed movement—this thing they call the New Calvinism. I have one great concern about this. I will tell you what it is, but only after I give a brief overview of what MacArthur has said so far….”

“…If anyone has earned the right to speak to us; if anyone has earned the right to speak about us; if anyone has earned the right to be heard, it is Dr. MacArthur. We do not necessarily need to agree with him—he could be wrong!—but it would be the very height of arrogance and folly to not listen at all.”

-Tim Challies