New Jerusalem

If words could describe
The longing in my heart
For the place prepared for me
When I think of Heaven’s glory
Awaiting the redeemed
All within me rises up
At the thought of what will be

How I long for the new Jerusalem
Just to see my Savior’s face
All my heart is in Jerusalem
My home my resting place

I’ve heard that the streets are paved with gold
And the light there never fades
I’ve heard of treasures to behold
That words could not explain
And the praise of the saints like an ocean
Holy is the Lamb that was slain

No more crying no more pain
Every tear will be wiped away
All suffering on earth will cease
Forevermore at peace
Jerusalem Jerusalem

-Carol Cymbala, Onaje Jefferson and Jason Michael Webb
©2009 Carol Joy Music/JasonNene Music (Both adm by EverGreen Copyrights)/ASCAP
Featuring TaRanda Greene