Alleine: Come in Your All-Sufficiency

Lord, if you have given me Christ, will you not also with him provide everything I need?

Have you given me the fountain, but deny me the stream?

When I beg for pardon of sin, when I beg for power against sin,when I beg for holiness—is all this not granted me in your gift of Christ?

If Christ is mine, is not his blood also mine to secure my pardon? Or his Spirit mine to put down my sins?

If these are all mine, will you withhold them from me?

Will guilt weigh me down, sins live in me, or lusts rule over me-when you have already granted me power for it all to be removed?

Come, Lord. I have too often said, “Depart from me.” But if you will not say “Depart” to me, I hope to never again say “Depart” to you.

My misery says “Come.” My wants say “Come.” My guilt and my sins say “Come.” And my soul says “Come.”

Come, then, and pardon. Come and convert. Come and teach. Come and sanctify. Come and save me.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Amen.

-Joseph Alleine, Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans, 109.