Elevation to the Best Life

“First there is the freeing from sin, and then there is the making of slaves of righteousness, which is better than any freedom. For God has done the same as if a person was to take an orphan who had been carried away by savages into their own country, and was not only to free him from captivity but to set  kind of father over him and raise him to a very great dignity. This is what has happened in our case. For it was not just that God freed us from our old evils; He also led us into the life of angels. He opened the way for us to enjoy the best life, handing us over to the safekeeping of righteousness and killing our former evils, putting the old man in us to death and bringing us to eternal life.”

-John Chrysostom (c. 349–407), Homilies on Romans, 11

Sin equals Laziness

“It is absurd for those who are being led toward the kingdom of God to have sin ruling over them or for those who are called to reign with Christ to choose to be captives to sin, as if one should throw down the crown from off his head and choose to be the slave of a hysterical woman who comes begging and covered in rags….How is it that sin can reign in you? It is not from any power of its own but only from your laziness.”

-Chrysostom, Homilies on Romans, 11, quoted in John MacArthur, Slave (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2010), 202-203.