False Mortification

“There are several things which may help to make the life [good] in the eyes of men, but nothing will make it amiable in the eyes of God, unless the heart be changed and renewed. Indeed, all the medicines that can be applied, without the sanctifying work of the Spirit, though they may cover, they can never cure the corruptions and diseases of the soul…Such civil persons go to hell without much disturbance, being asleep in sin, yet not snoring to the disquieting of others; they are so far from being awaked that they are many times praised and commended. Example, custom, and education, may also help a man to make a fair show in the flesh, but not to walk after the Spirit. They may prune and lop sin, but never stub it up by the roots. All that these can do, is make a man like a grave, green and flourishing on the surface and outside, when within there is nothing but noisomeness and corruption.” –George Swinnock (1627-1673), Do You Worship God? Reprinted in Free Grace Broadcaster, Issue 177