11 Ways to Improve Worship Leading

Some very helpful tips from: http://www.ragamuffinsoul.com/2012/02/11tips/

1.  Memorize the lyrics.
The confidence monitor has become the worship leaders worst enemy.
People want to see your eyes during a song.

2.  Change up your schtick.
If I say “Do You BELIEVE?!!!” more than once in a set, I’m being lazy.
That’s my go to lazy worship leader line.

3.  Stop asking if they are happy to be there this morning.
Most of them aren’t.

4.  Trim the prayer fat.
I pray Father God, that Father God You show us Father God how amazing you are Father God in our Father God lives.

5.  Stop praying the chorus or the title to the next song in the prayer before that song.
“Show us You are Mighty To Save in this song God”
I mean I don’t tell you what I’m about to tell you before I tell you in real conversation.

6.  Smile.
Everyone likes your smiling face better than your emo face.

7.  Remember that probably less than 50% people in that room connect to God through music.
We exist in a culture where we place a large emphasis in our gatherings on music.
I think that is fine.
But always remember not everyone is gonna be with you.  So don’t get mad.

8.  Just because you wrote it and your friends love it, doesn’t mean you should sing it.
Ask a friend of a friend to listen.  Probably 10 of them.
They won’t lie to you.
Because even the friends who say they will be honest, their lying.

There are fantastic songs out there that work already.
Only bring the ones that can hang.

9.  Open your eyes.
See #1

10.  Keep It Simple.
You aren’t on American Idol.
Your job isn’t to sing TO the people and have them go “WOW”.
You’re job is to get the people to SING with you to God.

11.  Have fun.
Laugh, dance, and sing.
If you aren’t having fun, neither are they.

-Carlos Whittaker