God Almighty Strong Secure

God Almighty, strong, secure
Who will hold with sovereign hand
There’s no reason death to fear
Satan, hell or devil band
I do not ask strength of my own
But in my weakness Thy strength shown

God All-wise, eternal
Source of knowledge for the darkened mind
Lighter of the heart’s true course
Sight for those in sin born blind
I do not ask to know for pride
But in Thy perfect will reside

Lord, who faced death unafraid
Won forgiveness, sought no fee
By whose love the price was paid
And the grace gift offered me
I do not ask no pain to bear
But only, always Thine to share

Loving Father, kind and caring
Giver of my needs and more
Heavenly glory now preparing
‘Til I receive my treasure store
I do not ask this world to flee
But serve ‘til Thou dost send for me

-Words: John MacArthur Jr. Music: C.T. Lambert.