Cancelling Dr. Seuss?

We live in a fallen world—even our heroes are tainted by sin.

It’s not an outrage to retire a few books with offensive stereotypes, even if we love the author. We can still enjoy any excellent or praiseworthy works, while recognizing that certain other works might wisely be set aside.

As Christians, we should be eager to repent of our sins, and willing to acknowledge our faults. Brokenness, prejudice, and pride shouldn’t be ignored by us. We aren’t scared by the light but also know that the deeds of evil ought not be paraded around or allowed to propogate.

Let’s acknowledge the errors—even of our favorite authors—while humbly striving to change the way we and our culture treat those who are different. The imposing of uniformity, white supremacy, and white superiority are all antithetical to the gospel and the God who made every man, woman, and child in His image.

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