Lord Speak to Me

Oh, hidden source of calm repose
Oh, all-sufficient love divine
My help and refuge from my woes
I am secure, if You are mine
In want, You are my full Supply
In weakness, my Almighty Power
In chains, You are my Liberty
My Light in Satan’s darkest hour

Lord speak to me until I speak
In loving echoes of Your tone
As you have sought, so let me seek
Your wandering children, far from home
Oh teach me, Lord, until I teach
The Living Word that You impart
Light up my words until they reach
The hidden depths of broken hearts

You are my Joy Unspeakable
My Life in death, my Heaven in hell
You are the Healer of my soul
My Tower of Strength where all is well
My Rest in toil, my Ease in pain
In shame my Glory and my Crown
My Peace in war; in loss, my Gain
My Smile beneath the devil’s frown

Oh use me Lord,use even me
Until the Throne of Grace I see
Bring on Your will; name when and where
In Jesus’ name, I will declare

-Arranged by Eric Scholtens

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