Martin: Thoughts on Christian Behavior and Politics in December 2020

I’m not excited about what the Biden presidency may entail. I disagree with many Democratic Party policies, especially legalized abortion, but we lack evidence of substantial or even consequential voter fraud. As Christians we ought to submit to and pray for Joe Biden, the duly elected 46th President of the United States of America.

We are not called to fight against our government; We are not called to revolt. We are called to pray for and submit to the leaders that God has placed over us. May God cause Mr. Biden to act in accordance with God’s Kingdom and to work for justice and righteousness for all people.

When governmental leaders act in ways we disagree with, in our constitutional democratic republic, we can take advantage of the court system, lobby our leaders directly, and vote against them next time. We can financially support other candidates. We can respectfully speak truth to power. We can preach the gospel and teach the Bible, we are supposed to be doing that anyway.

While our allegiance ought to always be to God, not Caesar or Babylon, we should be careful to remember that our mandate to obey God rather than man isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card to ignore all laws that inconvenience us. Annoying laws don’t always require us to sin. Laws that aren’t consistent with a Biblical worldview don’t always require us to transgress God’s law. We should do our best to live quietly and peaceably as much as possible.

As we ought to have been praying for, submitting to, and testifying of truth—both Biblical justice and God’s righteousness—to Mr. Trump, so now we ought to pray for, submit to, and testify of that same truth to Mr. Biden and all those God has established to govern us.

Jesus is Lord. His kingdom is the only one full of true justice and perfect righteousness. His is the only without error or wickedness. His kingdom is everlasting. His kingdom is here and it is growing, yet we still await its perfect establishment. His Kingdom Come.

-Erik Martin, December 11, 2020.

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