Edwards: For the Sake of Christ

“When we pray for grace for the sake of Christ, we should intend thereby to desire God to remember that ’twill be to his Son’s joy and happiness; for the bestowment of God’s grace upon us was the joy that was set before him, the reward he expected, that made him cheerfully subject himself to such torments. Our happiness was a thing he really desired, and made an agreement with God about, by which he was to undertake great labors…and the more of us obtain grace, and the more grace and happiness we obtain, the more pleasure and glory doth he enjoy. And therefore ’tis for his sake we may ask of God, for our grace is his joy.”

-Jonathan Edwards, The Miscellanies, as recorded by Owen Strachan, Always in God’s Hands: Day by Day in the Company of Jonathan Edwards, 313.

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