Born Again

In the wake of all that sin has left destroyed
When the bitterness of guilt became more natural than joy
There is a King and He has come,
And all the darkness begins to fade
For over the grave Jesus has won,
And so begins the light of day, the light of day

We are reborn, the King of new Creation;
The Lord of our salvation is living again
We are reborn in Him who lives forever
And the pain of the death can never,
Ever conquer us for we are born again

When we clung to our own guilt, our lies, and pain
Jesus came into our night to be the life, the truth, the way
He was the Lamb there on the cross
That brought forgiveness and relief
Now out of the grave with all that was lost
He is the risen prince of peace, the risen prince of peace

It’s the end of human hopelessness, the end of desperation
It’s the end of all that’s broken; the beginning of salvation
It’s the promise of eternity; the hope in things we will someday see
And Jesus’ name is death’s humiliation

-Eric Scholtens

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