Edwards: Drawn to Christ

“Drawing men to Christ is the fruit of his being lifted up on the cross. Christ buys or redeems men that they may be his. He redeems ‘em from their sins, from all iniquity, that he may purify them to himself, a peculiar people zealous of good works. They are redeemed from their vain conversation by the precious blood of Christ. And ‘tis by conversion, by faith, that men become actually his, come to him, and are brought into his possession. God, in giving them faith, brings them to him and gives ’em to him, and they give themselves to him. He purchases his spouse that he may present her to himself.”

-Jonathan Edwards, Miscellanies. As recorded in Owen Strachan, “Always in God’s Hands: Day by Day in the Company of Jonathan Edwards,” 211.

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