Edwards: Pride

“Nothing is more hateful and abominable, nothing so contrary to the spirit of the gospel. [Pride is] the sin of the devils. Nothing is so pernicious in its consequences. The Spirit is very often quenched by it.

‘Tis frequently the means of persons’ losing the comfortable presence of God. In some that have been exalted high, the consequences have been most woeful. The devil commonly comes in at the door in all the delusions that zealous persons are led away with.

…Therefore strive that you may be kept humble. Persons are never so safe as when kept truly humble and dependent, [as] little children. [And they are] never so much in danger as when spiritual pride rules.”

-Jonathan Edwards, Sermons and Discourses, 1739-1742. As recorded in Owen Strachan, “Always in God’s Hands: Day by Day in the Company of Jonathan Edwards,” 202.

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