Our Hearts Still Burn

Faded hope and grim despair
on the day of the murdered king
Foolish minds and unbelief
could not grasp what the prophets sing:
Did not Jesus have to suffer,
enter glory through agony?
When the King unpacked his Word:
Their hearts leapt and their eyes could see.

Everything the Scriptures say
in the Prophets, the Law, the Psalms,
Touching Jesus, called the Christ,
is fulfilled in this gospel song:
The Messiah had to suffer,
had to rise on the first Lord’s Day;
We proclaim to every land
true forgiveness in Jesus’ name.

Unbelief that had us chained
has become in our eyes absurd.
Did our hearts not burn within us
as he spoke with us on the way
And our hearts still burn with fire
as his Word speaks to us today.

-Matt Boswell and D. A. Carson

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