Johnson: God Made You in His Mind (Ephesians 1:7-10)

“God, before He made you, pictures you. You exist because He made you, and He thought of you… He designed you—all of you. Everything about you, He made in His mind.

Now, this is true [of all]—all of humanity is made in the image of God, but it is particularly true in a different way of those whom he has chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. That some of those people that he designs, He doesn’t just design and then choose, He actually designs them in Christ.

So if you’re a believer, appreciate this, before God made the universe, He thought of you, and designed you, and set His love upon you. This is what Romans 8 describes as foreknowledge. Foreknowlege means that God knew you perfectly and intimately, because He’s making you, before He even made the world He has you in his mind. And He set His love on His elect, His love on those [Ephesians 1:4] describes as chosen, as chosen in Him. Now we see this again in verse 7, ‘in Him’. When He’s speaking of ‘before the foundations of time,’ He’s choosing and He’s setting us in Christ before He even makes the world….

We are made through Christ, we are made for Christ, to live for the glory of Christ. But before we are made for Christ and before we are made through Christ, before that, we are in Christ before He even makes the foundations of world….

You exist in the mind of God before He makes you. He made you with a special love upon you, to adopt you as His child, to bring you into His family. The agent of all this is the Son. You are made in Christ.”

-Jesse Johnson,

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