Edwards: Obedience

“We should travel on as a way of obedience to all God’s commands, even the difficult, as well as the easy, commands. We should travel on in a way of self-denial, denying all our sinful inclinations and interests. The way to heaven is ascending; we must be content to travel up hill, though it be hard, and tiresome, and contrary to the natural tendency and bias of our flesh, that tends downward to the earth. We should follow Christ in the path that he has gone; the way that he traveled in was the right way to heaven. We should take up our cross and follow him. We should travel along in the same way of meekness and lowliness of heart, in the same way of obedience, and charity, and diligence to do good, and patience under afflictions.”

-Jonathan Edwards, Sermon: The True Christian’s Life, A Journey Towards Heaven (Hebrews 11:13-14.

One in Christ

Members of one another
Yet we don’t all work the same
One has grace to give and one to pray
When one member is hurting
All the others feel the pain
Others can rejoice and it’s our gain

We are all in one body
We are called to one hope
And we drink of one Spirit
We are one in Christ

Bearing with one another
In humility and peace
We will walk into the hope as we’ve been called
Faithfully we will labor
For the splendor of Your bride
Growing in the leadership of Christ

Father send us Your Spirit
To instruct us in Your Word
And give us gifts to use for others good
Let us join with Your Helper
Who empowers us to sing
The mercies and the triumph of our King

-Nic McLean