Robertson: The Promises of Redemption

“The promises of redemption have never been offered to people without a true faith in the Messiah sent by God. In the past, those who did not exercise proper faith were driven out of the land and regarded as “not [God’s] people.” On the other hand, any person who exercises true faith in the Messiah sent by God has been declared to be heir of all God’s promises.

Recognizing the validity of a claim to the redemptive “land-promise” (however that promise may be understood) by a group of people who are identified in some way other than by faith in Jesus as the Christ inevitably involves a return to the shadowy realm of the old covenant provisions of redemption. Acceptance of this kind of claim would mean regression to the older typological forms of God’s redemptive work. The recognition of a distinctive people who are the recipients of God’s redemptive blessings and yet who have a separate existence apart from the church of Jesus Christ creates insuperable theological problems.

Jesus Christ has only one body and only one
bride, one people that he claims as his own, which is the true Israel of God. This one people is made up of Jews and Gentiles who believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah.”

-O. Palmer Robertson, The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, 49.

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