Robertson: No Racial Discrimination in God’s Kingdom

“Abraham did not become the father of some kind of super race, and it would be monstrous to suggest otherwise. Just as the calling of a person to be a Christian does not set him apart racially from other human beings, so the calling of Abraham did not make him an essentially different kind of being from what he was before he was called. Yet it must be recognized that it was Abraham who was called and no other. To him were given the promises of a land, a seed, and a blessing. To him alone were the promises of redemption originally spoken.

From the beginning, any Gentile could become a full-fledged Jew. Yet Abraham’s descendants began their life with an identity among God’s people. When God first instituted the covenant sign that designated Abraham as his chosen vessel for communicating blessings to the nations, he specifically indicated that any Gentile could become a full-fledged Jew by professing the God of Abraham and being circumcised. No racial barrier existed to keep Gentiles from becoming full participants in the covenant promises.”

-O. Palmer Robertson, The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, 30.

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