Robertson: The Promised Land of Canaan

“[The] land belongs to the Lord of the covenant. According to the legislation in Leviticus, the land was not to be sold, since, as the Covenant Lord declared, ‘The land is mine, and you are strangers and my tenants’ (Lev. 25:23)….

The land was God’s gift to [the assembled congregation of God’s people]. Clearly, not to the wicked and unbelieving from among Israel, but only to the righteous and faithful was the assurance given that the land of redemption would be theirs.

This principle is very important as it relates to the current situation of the land. Never can the promise of the land be properly claimed by those who fail to exercise true faith and faithfulness in the Redeemer provided by the Lord of the Covenant….

Now it is quite appropriate to speak of the certainty that the conditions of the covenant would be fulfilled, so that the intended blessings would come. But the covenants of God still had conditions. Recognizing this fact, the student of Scripture must look forward to One who would fulfill the conditions of the covenant perfectly on behalf of his people.

But this perspective will lead in a totally different direction than the idea that the land belongs to [ethnic] Israel in perpetuity, no matter how faithless she may be.”

-O. Palmer Robertson, The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, 8, 19, 20.

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