Ellison: God’s Acts

“In Ezekiel’s day men were quite sure what Jehovah would and would not, could and could not do. The coming destruction of Jerusalem and the temple [as foretold by Ezekiel] and the building of a new people in exile meant the turning over of a fresh leaf in the book of God’s revelation, and Ezekiel is stressing that the one who is bringing calamity and fresh grace upon them is the same one who brought them out of Egypt and made a covenant with them at Sinai. We must note though that this fresh knowledge of God was not to come by a fresh study of the revelation of the past or by a renewed speaking through His prophets, but before all else by His acts.

Our God is not merely a God who speaks but also a God who acts, and His words have to be interpreted in the framework of His mighty acts.”

-H. L. Ellison, Ezekiel: The Man and His Message, 38.

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