Martin: We Need Change; We Need the Police

PSA: It is possible to hold fast to the gospel and also believe that the gospel requires we care for the outcast and the oppressed. Faith without works is dead. It is possible to be anti-riot, anti-racism, opposed to the abuse of power by some law enforcement members, and also support just police officers. I am thankful for every good and righteous law enforcement professional; They are vital and essential.

Defunding the police is a horrible idea. We need reform and change, but abolishing the police will destroy our cities and communities. We cannot ignore the fact that some law enforcement professionals commit evil and oppressive acts. We also can’t ignore the history of Jim Crow and the legacy of racism that still affects so many of our brothers and sisters, even today. But racism and the legacy of slavery are not just issues in law enforcement. Racism exists in many areas of society, and beneficial reform will address racism and injustice wherever it exists.

We need to stop attacking the police, most officers are just and truly seek to protect and serve. That doesn’t mean we can’t hold people accountable and policy changes are definitely needed in many communities. Let’s unite in condemning violence on all sides. We need Jesus to heal us, and only regeneration of the heart by the Holy Spirit brings true and ultimate justice, but that’s not an excuse to ignore evil here and now.


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