Martin: The Good Democrat, et. al

If Jesus was walking on the earth today, I personally think the parable would not be called the Good Samaritan, but likely the Good Democrat, the Good LGBTQ person, the Good Undocumented Latino/Latina, the Good BLM protestor, the Good Critical Race Theory Professor, the Good Socialist, or even the Good Muslim. We forget how radical the parable of the Good Samaritan was to the religious leaders of Second Temple Judaism. We forget that the Samaritans were considered to be apostate and heretical. Jesus showed that our neighbor is ANYONE is need. Yet so many who profess to be Christians today show so such hatred towards those in need.

Lord, in your kindness, have mercy on us! Forgive us for our hatred. May we show your love. May your kingdom come and your will be done. Forgive us our trespasses/sins/debts AS we forgive those who tresspass/sin against us/are indebted to us. May we walk in the way of the cross, and through God the Spirit, honor the Father by being like Jesus. As disciples of Christ, we are not in a culture war we are on a disciple making mission, and we cannot hate anyone, if we claim to know the love of God. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Heal our world. Rise up, O God, and judge the earth. ‪May we be found faithful at His coming. ‬

Erik Swanson Martin

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