Anselm: Concerning Forgiveness

“Now, concerning forgiveness, what I say, in brief, is that acts of vengeance are none of your business, since you are not your own man, nor is a person who has done wrong owned either by you or by himself.

Rather,you are both the bondslaves of one Lord, having been made by him out of nothing and, if you take vengeance on your fellow-bondsman, you are arrogantly presuming to exercise over him the justice which is the prerogative of the Lord and Judge of all.

And in obedience, when truth is told, what are you giving God that you do not owe him, seeing that it is your obligation to give him, at his command, all that you are and all that you have and all that you are capable of?”

-Anselm of Canterbury, Why God Became Man, Book 1, 20.

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