Should Churches Reopen

Yesterday I posted two articles, one by my friend Eric Scholtens and the other from the Elders of Grace Community Church which show two somewhat different responses to the recent declaration that churches are essential by President Trump. I have found both to be helpful. You can read them here: and here:

Jesus told us that we are in the last days and Paul remains us that Satan is on the prowl and will try anything to disrupt God’s plans. I’m thankful for the confidence that comes from knowing that Jesus has already won and that our God is sovereign. As Christians we must not be coopted for political means by any political party. Jesus in Lord, and we seek the growth of His Kingdom until it comes in fullness at His glorious return. We are grateful when Caesar supports Christians and our freedoms but he is not lord. Nevertheless we are all called to submit to Caesar’s authority as long as he doesn’t interfere with God’s commands.

We long to meet again in person in the gathered assembly of believers, and we miss the Lord’s Supper, yet loving our neighbors is an essential command too. May God give each local church and her Elders wisdom as they seek God’s glory while also seeking the good of the cities and communities in which we live. May we be lamp-stands burning brightly as we hold fast to the faithful testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord’s day blessings to you all!

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