Strachan: We Should Not Muzzle Ourselves

“CrossFit, if you’re not already aware, is an intensive workout program that combines
cardio and weightlifting exercises. I’ve learned that you don’t have to ask someone whether they do CrossFit. If they do, they’ll tell you. It may be something about the program’s difficult nature that triggers the need to announce personal participation.

But this isn’t unique to workout routines. We don’t have a problem telling people about the stuff we value highly—whether it’s a new truck, a refinished kitchen, or a band we love.

How strange, then, that we often feel the need to stifle our praise of God. We have our reasons, of course; we’ve all experienced a time when someone overheard one of our prayers, or a spiritual conversation, and reacted negatively. Within seconds, they’ve vacated their table at the coffee shop.

Though the sinful human heart despises the things of God, we know that God’s mercy and grace are worth sharing. Like the Pharisees mentioned by Jonathan Edwards in today’s reading, the world wants to rebuke our praise. We cannot help but offer it anyway.

We should not muzzle ourselves. We should not quiet our lips. We should praise our king with assurance. The whole earth is filled with the glory of God. The heavens declare his praise. The skies proclaim his handiwork. Scripture tells of his works and his ways.

We need not be obnoxious in celebrating our Savior, but neither should we be oblivious to God’s greatness. We have received all the riches of heaven itself. With boldness and grace, let us proclaim the Good News.

We shouldn’t have to be asked whether we follow Christ. The people around us should know.”

All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name. (Psalm 66:4)

-Owen Strachan, Always in God’s Hands, 133.

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