Lord Remember Me

Who can ascend the hill of the Lord?
The one who utters no untrue word
Whose hands are clean, whose heart is pure.
Who can ascend that hill?

There is none righteous, no not one.
We are prodigal daughters and wayward sons
We don’t know the half of the hurt we’ve done,
The countless we have killed.

Our priests are cheats, our prophets are liars.
We know what law requires
But we pile our sins up higher and higher.
Who can ascend that hill?

And I am a sheep who has gone astray.
I have turned aside to my own way.
Have mercy on me, Son of David

Lord, remember me
When you come
Into your kingdom.

Now hear the voice of the Word made man,
The spotless sacrificial lamb:
“A body you gave me, here I am,
I have come to do your will.”

“And no one takes my life, you see,
I lay it down now, willingly,
And I will draw all men to me
When I ascend that hill.”

On Sunday you came as a king,
On Monday washed the temple clean,
On Tuesday told of what will be,
On Wednesday waited patiently.

On Thursday you said “It is time.
I’ll drink this cup for it is mine.”
On Friday, Lord, you poured the wine.

Like a thief on the cross as he hung there dying
For crimes there weren’t no use denying
While the righteous judge hung right beside him,

How could I not recognize you?
How could I not recognize you?
How could I not recognize
My Lord?

My Lord, remember me
When you come
Into your kingdom.

Just days ago the sky was stone,
The trees were standing stripped to the bone–
you could hear creation groan.

But I write these words on an April day
and the earth is drinking the early rain.
The hills remember green again.

And we’ve heard this story all our lives,
Still we feel the pain of the crucified,
And the end still comes as a surprise.

But before the breath inside the tomb,
Before our joy sprang from the womb,
You saw a day that’s coming soon,

When the Son will stand on the mount again
With an army of angels at his command
And the earth will split like the hull of a seed
Wherever Jesus plants his feet.

And up from the earth the dead will rise
Like spring trees robed in petals of white
All singing the song of the radiant bride.

And we will always be with the Lord.

Lord, remember me
When you come
Into your kingdom.

-Ben Shive, http://www.benshive.com/good-friday-songs/

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