Seeking True Holiness

Grant, Almighty God,

That inasmuch as You have condescended to favor us with an honor so invaluable as to adopt us for a holy people to You and to separate us from the world–

O grant that we may not close our eyes against the light of Your truth, by which You show to us the way of salvation;

But may we with true submissiveness follow where You call us, and never cast away the fear of Your majesty nor mock You with frivolous ceremonies, but strive sincerely to devote ourselves wholly to You and to cleanse ourselves from all defilements, not only of the flesh but also of the spirit, that by thus seeking true holiness we may aspire after and diligently labor for that heavenly perfection from which we are as yet far distant.

And may we in the meantime, relying on the favor of Your only begotten Son, lean on Your mercy; and while depending on it, may we ever grow up more and more into that true and perfect union, reserved for us in heaven, when we shall be made partakers of Your glory, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

-John Calvin, Lifting Up Our Hearts: 150 Selected Prayers from John Calvin (Dustin W. Benge, Ed.) (archaisms removed), 127.

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