Satan’s Devices to Keep Souls from Holy Duties – Part 3

Satan’s Devices to keep souls from holy duties, to hinder souls in holy services, to keep them off from religious [activities].

5. By presenting to view the fewness and poverty of those who hold to religious practices:

For remedies, consider that

A. Though saints are outwardly poor, they are inwardly rich
B. In all ages God has had some that have been rich, wise, and honorable
C. Spiritual riches infinitely transcend temporal riches, and satisfy the poorest saints
D. Saints now appear to be ‘a little flock,’ but they belong to a company that cannot be numbered
E. It is but as a day before these departed saints will shine brighter than the sun
F. The time will come even in this life when God will take away the reproach and contempt of His people, and make those the ‘head’ who have been the ‘tail’

6. By showing saints that the majority of men make light of God’s ways and walk in the ways of their own hearts:

For remedies, consider that

A. Certain Scriptures warn against following the sinful examples of men
B. Those who sin with the multitude will suffer with the multitude
C. The soul of a man is of more worth that heaven and earth

-Thomas Brooks, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, 1652.

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