Satan’s Devices to Draw the Soul to Sin – Part 1

1. By presenting the bait and hiding the hook:

For remedies, consider that

A. We ought to keep at the greatest distance from sin and from playing with the bait
B. Sin is but a bitter sweet
C. Sin will usher in the greatest and the saddest losses
D. Sin is very deceitful and bewitching

2. By paining sin with virtue’s colors:

For remedies, consider that

A. Sin is never the less vile by being so painted
B. The more sin is so painted the more dangerous it is
C. We ought to look on sin with that eye with which within a few hours we shall see it
D. Sin cost the life-blood of the Lord Jesus

3. By the extenuating and lessening of sin:

For remedies, consider that

A. Sin which men account small bring God’s great wrath on men
B. The giving way to a less sin makes way for the committing of a greater
C. It is sad to stand [against] God for a trifle
D. Often there is most danger in the smallest sins
E. The saints have chosen to suffer greatly rather than commit the least sin
F. The soul can never stand under the guilt and weight of sin when God sets it home upon the soul.
G. There is more evil in the least sin than in the greatest affliction

4. By showing to the soul the best men’s sins and by hiding from the soul their virtues, their sorrows, and their repentance:

For remedies, consider that

A. The Spirit of God records not only the sins of the saints, but also their repentance
B. These saints did not make a trade of sin
C. Though God does not disinherit his sinning people, He punishes then severely
D. God has two main ends in recording the falls of His saints:

1. To keep people from despair under the burden of the sins who fall through weakness
2. To leave landmarks to warn others to take heed lest they fall

-Thomas Brooks, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, 1652.

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