Instruments of Mercy

The same God who measured the waters in the hollows of His holy hands
Is the same God that uses broken man to expand His fixed plan
Sovereign, infinite, eternal, personal and intimate
Independently playing the harp with the various parts of our hearts instrument
A symphony of saints saved from sin singing spiritual songs
Pausing in awe, where all praise and all applause belongs to God
Stretching and bending, pitch, pruning tightening and tuning
It’s the residue of His resin that’s the evidence of His divine choosing
Using the weather and the storm to conform us into the image of our glorious Lord
Scorn to compose a score being stitched together in melodious chord
It’s the strumming and pressing of strings that momentarily stings
But in the end it ultimately brings us to a place that causes hearts to sing

With Your hands, play Your song
Use my life I’m Your instrument
Tune my heart to sing Your song
Use my life I’m Your instrument

God I thank You for Your grace and Your mercy in the face of adversity
I never went to college, never graduated but pain is a university
When I hold up my diploma there’s no dilemma despite my lack of credits
Because Jesus paid it all, yeah that’s my story when they roll the credits
A life time of suffering is nothing compared to the glory being prepared
And we could never find a stairway to heaven or climb up a ladder to get there
It’s only by the merits of Christ that sinners inherit eternal life
So I pray we grow in dependency, strip away my self-reliant tendencies
Organize and order my days according to Your ordinance
I’m an instrument in Your orchestra Lord and You are my only audience
Holding Your promises close and watching as Your plan unfolds
All for Your glory and praise playing the song that You composed

-Beautiful Eulogy, Instruments of Mercy released by Humble Beast

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