Strengthened Faith

“It may be that the reaction of some to the re-telling of the Müller story will be to wish that they themselves were similarly gifted with faith. And to be sure, Müller was a great man of faith. But in his lifetime, he used to deny that he had been given a special gift of faith.

‘My faith,’ he said, ‘is the same faith which is found in every believer. Try it for yourself and you will see the help of God, if you trust in Him.’

‘But what can we do to have our faith strengthened?’ people used to ask him.

1. ‘First,’ he would reply, ‘read the Bible carefully and thoughtfully. Then you will learn more and more about God’s character – how kind, loving, merciful, wise and faithful He is. Then when difficulties come, you will be able to rest on God’s ability and willingness to help you.’

2. ‘Second,’ said Müller, ‘try to keep your conscience clear. Otherwise when your faith is tested, you will have no confidence in God because of your guilty conscience.’

3. ‘Third, don’t try to avoid situations where your faith may be tested. Naturally we don’t like trusting in God alone but it is when we do this that our faith is strengthened.’

4. ‘Finally, remember that God won’t test you more than you are able to bear. Be patient, and He will prove to you how willing He is to help and deliver, the moment it is good for you.’”

“The living God is with us, whose power never fails, whose arm never grows weary, whose wisdom is infinite and whose power is unchanging. Therefore today, tomorrow and the next month, as long as life is continued, He will be our helper and friend. Still more, even as He is through all time, so He will be through all eternity.”

-Roger Steer writing on George Müller in Delighted in God (Christian Focus Publications, 1997), 242-243.

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