Beloved of Jesus, Whence Thy Fear

Belov’d of Jesus, whence thy fear,
Thy frequent sigh, thy dropping tear?
Should not this thought thy spirit cheer,
He cares for thee?

Thy way, I know, is strange and new,
Thy dear ones gone, thy helpers few;
But still this word remaineth true —
He cares for thee!

Thy work is great, thy strength is small,
And thoughts of failure on thee fall;
But in thy weakness on Him call,
He cares for thee!

Whate’er thy tim’rous heart may say,
Whate’er thy feelings, night or day,
Should all seem joining to betray —
He cares for thee!

He goes with thee, thy steps to guide,
Thy wounds to heal, thy sins to hide;
Then call on Him, whate’er betide,
He cares for thee!

His love how great no tongue can tell;
He died to save thy soul from hell;
No wife nor mother loves so well; —
He cares for thee!

Belov’d of Jesus, trust Him still,
Thy lot to choose, thy cup to fill;
Let no dark thoughts thy spirit chill —
He cares for thee!

-John Milne, The Life of John Milne by Horatius Bonar, Banner of Truth Trust, 260-261.


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