Too Long I Have Been Blinded

Too long I have been blinded
By unbelief and sin,
Too long been earthly minded ; —
The world has dwelt within.
But now the light has broken
Upon my foolish soul ;
My God in love has spoken,
His words have made me whole.

I see the strange enchantment
That led me thus astray,
The hope of full contentment
Still lured me on the way.
I’ve toiled in ceaseless action
For things which never give
True peace and satisfaction
To those who for them live.

I wish no more to follow
Those images untrue ;
No more may mirage hollow,
Present itself to view.
Lord, keep me near the fountain,
Where living waters flow ;
And guide me up Thy mountain,
Away from things below.

-John Milne, The Life of John Milne by Horatius Bonar, Banner of Truth Trust, 257.

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