Choctaw Hymn – O Holy Spirit You Must Surely Come

Shilombish Holitopa ma!

Ish minti pulla cha,

Hatak ilbυsha pia ha

Ish pi yukpalashke.

O Holy Spirit

You must surely come and

We who are poor in spirit

You will gladden our spirit

Pi chukυsh nusi atukma

Ant ish okchυlashke,

Ish pi yohbiechikbano;

E chim aiahnishke.


Come and awaken our

Heart that is asleep

You alone can comfort us

That is our plea for you

Shilombish Holitopa ma!

Pim anukfila hυt

Okhlilit kυnia hoka,

Ish pi on tomashke.


O Holy Spirit

Our mind

Is in total darkness

You must shine on us

Pi chukυsh nukhaklo yoka

Ant pi hopohlυchi:

Il aiashυcheka yoka

Ish pi kashoffashke.

Our heart is sorrowful

Come comfort us

Because we have sinned

You must forgive us

-Choctaw Hymn, “Number 48”

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