Open My Blinded Eyes, and Make Me Clearly See

Open my blinded eyes, and make me clearly see
The loveliness that hidden lies, O Lamb of God, in Thee.
Let Thy mild beauties win the mastery of my soul,
And turn my carnal heart from sin, and all its thoughts control.
The fathers from afar beheld Thy day of old,
They saw Thee, bright and morning Star, Thy distant rays unfold.
And as they marked Thy rise, and felt Thy healing beams,
Their hearts, o’erwhelmed with glad surprise, forgot all meaner themes.
All things seemed full of Thee, God’s fair and lowly flower!
They saw Thee growing in the tree, and dropping in the shower.
And oft they wondered how, and asked the question when,
The Lord on high His heavens would bow, and dwell with sinful men?
Why, then, am I so slow, more favored far than they,
My great Incarnate Lord to know, and follow in His way?
Awake, my soul, from sleep, betake thyself to prayer,
And search and learn the mysteries deep that save from endless care.

-John Milne, The Life of John Milne by Horatius Bonar, Banner of Truth Trust, 246.

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