Revive, O Lord, This Sluggish Soul

Revive, O Lord, this sluggish soul,
And give me back salvation’s joy;
Let grace my sinful lusts control,
And send me forth in Thy employ.
My hands hang down, my feet are slow,
My lips are dumb, my heart is cold;
Let Thy free Spirit on me blow,
Let fresh forgiveness make me bold.

See, Lord, these fields are ripening fast,
And sin and death their sickles ply:
Oh send me forth the net to cast;
Oh stir up men from wrath to fly!
I know that poor and weak I am,
A very babe, with stammering tongue;
Be Thou my helper, gracious Lamb,
And in Thy strength let me be strong.

-John Milne, The Life of John Milne by Horatius Bonar, Banner of Truth Trust, 244.

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