Fret Not

Lord, help me not to fret, when troubles o’er me flow;
But still before me set the path of toil and woe.
For few Thy comforts were; Thou thoughtest not of ease;
But soughtest still from Satan’s snare Thy brethren to release.

Grant me to follow Thee, my self-forgetting Lord!
And when from toil I flee, reward me of Thy word;
For Thou hast said that they, who will Thy service try,
Must ever, day by day, both self and sin deny.

The cross I now uptake; the burden seek to bear;
And for Thy dear name’s sake, I would Thy sorrows share.
Deign, Lord, on me to smile; my fainting spirit raise;
And make me, ‘mid my toil, lift up the song of praise.

-John Milne, on Psalm 37:1. The Life of John Milne by Horatius Bonar, Banner of Truth Trust, 209.

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