I Am Thy Levite Lord

I am Thy Levite, Lord; Thou art my lot alone.
Give me a will in sweet accord with all that is Thine own.
Great things I will not seek; they only prove a snare:
Enough if Thou my spirit keep, unhurt by sin and care.
Too long I’ve lived for time; too long have walked by sight.
Let me now leave this earthly slime, for things all great and bright.
Give me that unction pure, which opes the blinded eye,
And let me see, right clear and sure, the things that are on high.
Oh! clothe me with Thy righteousness, and make me clean within,
That I may see Thy blessed face, thy grace and mercy win.
Lead me within the veil, where stands Thy glorious throne,
And let my Savior’s plea prevail, as if it were mine own.
Here I Thy name will praise, Thine anger’s turned away;
And Thou wilt magnify Thy grace, and all thy love display.
What wilt Thou, Lord, that I for Thee should do or bear?
My heart will joyfully comply to serve Thee everywhere.
To battle forth I go; Jehovah is my strength:
I will not fear though strong the foe; I shall prevail at length.

-John Milne, from The Life of John Milne by Horatius Bonar, Banner of Truth Trust, 38-39

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