Imputed Righteousness

Happy souls, whoe’er believe
The embassy of peace!
Who at Jesus’ hand receive
The gift of righteousness:
God is their salvation’s God,
The Lord is their almighty shield;
They with grace shall be endu’d,
And then with glory fill’d.

Did the sin of Adam slay
And ruin all his race?
Jesus takes our sins away,
By suffering in our place;
He fulfill’s what God requir’d,
And answered all the laws demands:
In righteousness attir’d,
The true believer stands.

Moses, at a distance, saw
This righteousness divine:
In the volume of the law,
How clearly doth it shine!
Holy men, and prophets old,
Beheld from far the bleeding Lamb;
Of His righteousness foretold,
And trusted in the same.

What a mystery of love
In God’s design appears!
Jesus, coming from above,
Our sin and torment bears;
God imputes our sins to Him,
Imputes to us His righteousness:
Guilty He doth Christ esteem,
And guiltless us confess.

Jesus, I desire to go
Depending on Thy grace;
Nothing would I wish to know,
Beside Thy righteousness:
Christ for sinners liv’d and died;
His life, His death, is all our own:
What shall soon be glorified,
And with our Lord sit down.

-Augustus Toplady, Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Worship, 6

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