To Backsliders


(Original version by Charles Spurgeon. Adapted and modernized from his 10/7/1855 sermon preached at New Park Street Chapel titled “Conversion”)


Poor backslider, you were once a Christian. Do you hope that you were? “No,” you say, “I believe I deceived myself and others. I was no child of God.” Well, if you did, let me tell you, that if you will acknowledge that, God will forgive you. Suppose you did deceive the church—you are not the first that did it. There are some members in even the strongest churches, I fear, who have done so, and they have not been found out. I tell you your case is not hopeless. That is not the unpardonable sin. Some who have even tried to deceive those elected by God have been delivered, and my Master says he is able to save to the uttermost (and you have not gone beyond the…

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