My soul is anchored to heaven’s holy veil
For Christ, the Great High Priest
Died in my stead
Hold fast!
God’s promise will never fail
We are His for Christ’s risen from the dead

No man or angel can keep me from Him
My hope in Heaven is steadfast and firm
Though trials and suffering come
Death cannot win
So we live in light of our great king’s return

Your steadfast love
Will lead us through the tempest
Grace and strength are ours
Your faithfulness
Will see us through the storm
And give us hope to carry on

In faith my ransom soul will ne’er depart
From Christ my Savior who freed me from sin
Rejoice this confidence is sealed in our hearts
By the spirit who empowers us from within

O wait with patience now all those who long
To join their Savior in heaven’s endless days
A glorious time and all join their song
In one loud voice may Jesus Christ be praised

-Enfield. From the Album: Back to Calvalry.

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