My Singing Is a Prayer

My singing is a prayer, O Lord
A prayer of thanks and praise;
In music, Lord, I worship thee;
Thy beauty fills my days.

I give my talents, Lord, to thee,
My mind and heart and voice,
For thou alone art worthy, Lord;
In thee I do rejoice.

Accept the worship of my heart,
Accept my music, too:
Help me to live always for thee,
Lord, keep me strong and true.

O bless me, Lord, and help me sing
Thy love so full and free;
And bless all those who listen, Lord,
Help them to worship thee.

-Novella D. Preston Jordan, 1901-1991

© Copyright, 1964 Broadmna Press (SESAC). All rights reserved. Distributed by GENEVOX MUSIC GROUP.

3 thoughts on “My Singing Is a Prayer

  1. I first learned this hymn as a child, and I felt so “at home” with the text. The words served as my daily guide. I became a music educator, focusing on early childhood. I love teaching this hymn to PK-K children, because it provides another avenue for prayer, praise, and worship. Thank you so much for posting!

  2. I just reviewed this song in The Christian Praise Hymnal and am excited on how the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit will use it. Thanks

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