Are All the Foes of Zion Fools?

Are all the foes of Zion fools,
Who thus devour her saints?
Do they not know her Savior rules,
And pities her complaints?

They shall be seized with sad surprise;
For God’s revenging arm
Scatters the bones of them that rise
To do His children harm.

In vain the sons of Satan boast
Of armies in array;
When God has first despised their host
They fall an easy prey.

O for a word from Zion’s King,
Her captives to restore!
Jacob with all his tribes shall sing,
And Judah weep no more.

-Isaac Watts, 1719

One thought on “Are All the Foes of Zion Fools?

  1. There’s an interesting story bhiend this one Protestant church music of the day was either traditional or based in scripture. Calvin and Luther based their songs on Scripture as a rule, so when Isaac Watts began to write on subjects outside of Scripture, some segments of the congregation did not like it, and would walk out in protest.So the words, Let those refuse to sing/Who never knew our God take on a whole new meaning in this light

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