8 Ways to Pray in Preparing to Lead Worship

1.    Lord, please help me to understand the meaning of the lyrics we sing and ensure they point to Christ.

2.    Lord, please increase my love for the people I will lead in worship.

3.    Lord, please give me wisdom to apply what I sing first to my own pursuit of truth, and call people to the same end.

4.    Lord, please use these songs to help me grasp and love the gospel more so that I might help our congregation do the same.

5.    Lord, please help me to see how the content of our songs and prayers confront the unbelief of my hearers.

6.    Lord, please help me enter into leading worship having submitted my life to the truths I sing.

7.    Lord, by your Spirit please help me to lead your church in worship with the necessary power and with appropriate affections.

8.    Lord, please use these songs to bring glory to your name, joy to your people, and salvation to the lost.

Matt Boswell, pastor of worship at Providence Church in Frisco, TX and the director of the Doxology & Theology blog. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattboswell. Posted here: http://www.doxologyandtheology.com/2012/02/25/8-ways-to-pray-in-preparing-to-lead-worship/

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