Should I Marry a Man with Pornography Struggles?

Should a godly woman marry a guy with pornography struggles? This morning Dr. Russell D. Moore posted a powerfully perceptive article on marriage, sin and repentance. This is one of the wisest articles I’ve read in quite some time on the mortification of lust. His theological extrapolations on the grievous nature of sexual misconduct are uniquely profound. Here are a few highlights:

“Pornography is a universal temptation precisely because it does exactly what the satanic powers wish to do. It lashes out at the Trinitarian nature of reality, a loving communion of persons, replacing it with a masturbatory Unitarianism.

And pornography strikes out against the picture of Christ and his church by disrupting the one-flesh union, leaving couples like our prehistoric ancestors, hiding from one another and from God in the darkness of shame.

And pornography rages, as Satan always does, against Incarnation (1 Jn. 4:2-3), replacing flesh-to-flesh intimacy with the illusion of fleshless intimacy.”

Read the entire post here:

2 thoughts on “Should I Marry a Man with Pornography Struggles?

  1. My husband and I adressed this struggle before marriage. When problems surrounding that issue comes up, I address it immediately and we work through it together. I’m very proud of him. He’s fighting the enemy with God’s help and strength. My role in this as his wife is to be there for him when he needs me, to pray for him, to love, encourage, respect him with God’s love, mercy and AMAZING GRACE.

  2. I know unconverted men who do not struggle with pornography because they actually respect women and they find it morally disgusting. They think of how they would feel if the woman was their sister or their daughter. They desire to rescue women out of such a lifestyle. It is a personal moral standard that they hold. I find this interesting.

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