Tebow and the Point of Christianity

“So how would Tim Tebow, the person, respond to a question that clearly highlighted one of the main theological misconceptions surrounding Tim Tebow, the cultural phenomenon?

I thought the Denver quarterback’s response was excellent and worth noting. He said this:

Well, something I pray before games, during games, and after games is regardless whether I win, whether I lose, whether I’m the hero or the goat — it doesn’t matter — that I still honor the Lord and give Him the glory because He’s deserving of it. And just like my effort shouldn’t change, neither should that. So that’s how I try to approach it. Sometimes even in a loss you can honor Him more. And so, for me I just pray that my character and who I am doesn’t change. Even though you can be dejected, you can still feel hurt, you can be disappointed; but you can still honor the Lord with how you handle things.

For a professional athlete who just lost the biggest game of his pro-football career in a landslide defeat on a national stage, that was an admirable response. He didn’t cry, as though football were more important than it really is. He didn’t blame his teammates or his coaches. He didn’t make excuses. He didn’t fault God or say something silly about not having enough faith. Instead, he gave an answer that was theologically sound and inherently God-honoring. In essence, Tim was telling the media that they were missing the point:Christianity is not about winning football games; it’s about honoring the Lord in every situation, even when you lose the football game.”

-Nathan Busenitz, Full Article Here: http://thecripplegate.com/tebow-part-2-how-to-lose-a-game-without-losing-your-testimony/

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