Eternal Praise

What joyful thoughts doth heaven bring;
Where righteous ones will worship Thee?
No sadness, fear, or suffering;
But joyful cries to the King of Kings!
What sacrifice the Father made:
To crush the Son who bore our shame,
Yet raised him up that glorious day
To give us hope and a holy name!
O praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Who wrote, with blood, our eternal praise!
Let the nations of the earth proclaim:
“O praise the name of Jesus”
Our song forever shall be.
Let the anthem of salvation
Be the song that we shall sing.
What deepened wounds have saved our souls;
What blood that washed our sins of old!
What precious hands have ransomed men
And brought us to Himself again! 
What hope is in our heavenly home,
Where we will bow at our Father’s throne,
And walk with Him on streets of gold
And kiss the Christ we long to hold!
Behold the city of the King: hallelujah!
His glory is the air we breath: hallelujah!
-Ryan Foglesong and David Zimmer

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