All to Bring You Glory

A morning sun
Paints the day,
The waiting shore
Welcomes the waves,
The wind and trees
New songs create.
All to bring You glory.
The Autumn cool
Turns the leaves,
The river runs 
To join the sea,
The lily blooms,
The sparrow sings.
All to bring You glory.
A promise kept
To Abraham,
A sea that turned
Into dry land,
The prophet’s word
Revealed Your plan,
All to bring You glory.
Across the world
The nations sing,
By mercy healed,
By grace set free.
All for You,
Beautiful King.
All to bring You glory
So, how much more can I
Tell of who You are.
Jealously You sought me out
And won my heart.
And now by love, redeemed,
I tell my story
All to bring You glory.
-Ronnie Freeman & Sue C. Smith
2010 New Spring, Lehajoes Music, Universal Music – Brentwood Benson Publishing, CCTB Music.

2 thoughts on “All to Bring You Glory

  1. My choir at Gresham 1st Baptist church is singing these words and music by ronnie Freeman and Sue C. Smith arranged for choir by Cliff Durren this Sunday, October 30, all to bring Him glory. It’s powerful truth.

  2. It’s a beautiful description of creations “praise” to Him. Thank you Cliff Duren for arranging this piece so beautifully. We’ve included this song in our 2013Fall/Winter season. We will also be incorporating a dance solo with this piece.
    -Becky Robinson, East Side Church, Anderson,IN.

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